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Fulfilling aspirations as a manufacturing company
The Nachi-Fujikoshi Group's slogan "Challenging growth in business to fufill aspirations as a mnufacturing company." embodies our long-term vision, We are contributing to expansion in the world of manufacturing by capitalizing on our ability. As a comprehensive machine manufacturer, we have the multifacted operations and technologies to provide a wide range of solutions to customers in fields such as automotive, industrial machinery, energi, andinfrastructure.
in 2016, we transformed our management policy to become a "comprehensive machinery manufacturer with its robotics business at its core" in expectation of long-term shifits in market demand. We are priortizing management Resources to our robotics business in expectation of major growth.
in the future, we will continue to improve all aspect of our management based on the floowing four mid-term management policies as we aim to provide value to our shareholder, customers, business partners, employees, local communities, and other stakeholders.
1. Deeply Cutivate Growth Markets
As a comprehensive machinery manufacturer with its robotics business at its core, establish business foundations in growth areas expected to experience higher demand in the medium- to long-term.
2. Strengthen Production Systems
As a manufacturing company recognized in world market, develop total productive maintenance(TPM) and deliver the quantity, cost, delivery times, and service that customers demand.
3. Create New Products and New Business
Launch innovative new products and improved products utilizing our base Technologies to the market, thereby stimulating new demand and creating new business models.
4. Enhance and Train Associatesew Business
Based on TQC, we will work on developing human resources capable of acting enthusiastically and sincerely in a timely manner to take on ambitious challenges with a global perspective.
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