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This solid gear hob with standard gear dimension is suited for gear cutting and comes in various size







Dual Cut Hob for dry and wet cutting.When cutting performed at more than 120m/min,the efficiency is three times better than coated high speed steel in dry cutting








This hob is made of inserted blades from high quality materials.This can cut high speed and is economical because of higher number of regrinds than solid hob






This type of hob can endure super high speed cutting and increase productivity.Also with multi-gashes can reduce hob s wear






This gear hob with standard dimension is suitable in manufacturing of small gears such as watch.There are two types of Non-Topping and Topping







Nachi can also manufacture a various types of hobs for gear chamfering and other special tooth profile hobs on request







This hob with standard dimension is used to manufacture sprocket wheels according to ANSI B29,DIN 8196, JIS B1802,BS 228








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