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  PFS series
► Vertical machine is suitable for line setup of a narrow frontage.
► Loader and other labour saving equipment can be easily installed.










  PFS series
► Most suitable and stabilized rolling conditions to greatly improve machining accuracy.
► Compact, energy saving, and low noise NC machines.





  ► Cutting accuracy is stabilized even with high load rolling.
► Horizontal, rigid machine for high efficiency.





  Environment friendly for energy saving
  ► Motor drive (elimination of hydraulic system) reduced consumption energy.
► Correspond to semi-dry roll forming which requires no coolant.












  Stable machining accuracy
  Adopted roller guide for slide, improved machine rigidity in light load area such as small module splines
  Compact and Space saving
► World's smallest width 800mm compact design
► Easy line setup change


  Easy Setup Change
► No need for adjusting tool setup, anyone can operate easily
► Easy maintenance and check for small size machine


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