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Solving your automation needs for assembly, loading, and other jobs with a lineup of  high performance and highly functional product applications such as vision sensors and our FLEXhand series for our high-speed and high precision robots.


The EZ are high-speed, horizontally articulated robots equipped with a space-saving vertical first axis. They have a high speed, high accuracy structure that is excellent for applications such as assembly and handling. Cable routing is simplied by hollow construction to the end of the wrist, capable of housing wires internally. The internal wire routing for the tooling significantly increase cabling reliability. The SCARA family has multiple models with varying reach and payload to support a variety of equipment operations.

  • EZ03V4-02                                  
  • EZ03F4-02
  • EZ02V6-02
  • EZ02F6-02










World’s fastest lightweight compact robot. Dust-proof and Drip-proof specifications. Multiple installation orientations provide flexibility to automate a variety processes for an all-around compact high performance robot. Hollow wrist contruction with an internal path for wiring providing a streamlined profile for working in confined spaces.

  • MZ03EL                                  
  • MZ04
  • MZ04D
  • MZ04E
  • MZ04DE
  • MZ07
  • MZ07L
  • MZ07P
  • MZ07LP 



High dust and water protection, combined withoutstanding performance and a full range of functions to handle a variety of applications make these robots ideally suited for bariety of production environments.

  • MC10S
  • MC10L
  • MC12S
  • MC20
  • MC35
  • MC50
  • MC70



With a programmable pose, this 7-axis arm design can handle complex motions to flexibly work in processes that other robots cannot. The compact robot arm greatly reduces the amount of space needed for installations.
  • MR20
  • MR20L
  • MR35
  • MR50 
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