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For sure support in your advanced machining workshop, you can rely on Nachi-Fujikoshi, a long-running world leader in the field of industrial robotics. Accumulated through work on vehicle production lines, successfully meeting the ongoing challenges of ever-advancing industrial production, our focused expertise with automation means you get both the most advanced robots and the confidence that they will go on working reliably.


High speed transfer·Improved durability
  • Highly rigid design and vibration suppression control ensure high speed motion and durability improvement. (Transfer capability : Max.12spm under condition of light load)
New swivel arm for press tending
  • Thin and light arm, payload up to 80kg. (hand tool + work piece)
  • Available various orientations of work transfer. (parallel transfer, 180°/90° rotated transfer)
  • Maximum press pitch up to 8m.
  • Change tools while press dies are being changed by installing the Auto Tool Changer(option).
Internal air hose and application cable
  • Air: Ø12 x 4 line, Application cable: 40 wires.
  • FD11


High-speed palletizing
  • 1,500 packages per hour for 130kg loads (LP130)
  • 1,800 packages per hour for 60kg loads (LP130)
  • Flexible system setup is available with 130kg or 180kg capacity models.
Handle a variety of loads
  • Easily lift different shapes and sizes.
  • Optional palletizing hands available to carry loads that are small or large.
Compact Layout
  • Compact design reduces interference within a large operating range so work area layouts can be flexible and compact.
Easy Operation
  • Teaching operations are easy for novices to understand.
  • Interactive instructions are possible.
  • Automatic program generator.
  • FD11

7-axes structure

  • Automation with robot can be possible without enough space.
Harsh production environment
  • The new MR (35/50kg) has a std.IP67.
  • Available IP ratings make the MR Series ideal for various applications that include harsh environments that previously required expensive robot covers.


  • FD11





7-axes structure
  • Flexible and complex positioning and motion can be available by 7-axes structure.
Compact body, powerful arm
  • Minimizing installation space.
  • Payload 20kg MAX 30kg (Limited envelope within 30kg)
  • FD11







Adaptable to various production environments
  • The new MC (35/50/70kg) has a std.IP54 rating for the body,(optional IP65/IP67) and std.IP67 for the arm/wrist.
  • Available IP ratings make the MC Series ideal for various applications that include harsh environments that previously required expensive robot covers.
Large working envelope and powerful robot arm
  • Maximum reach of 2,050mm, (best in class).
  • Strong wrist torque can handle a large variety of applications.
  • FD11







Suitable for various purpose.
  • Wide envelope and environment protection makes MC20 valuable robot for various kind of manufacturing processes.
Compact design
  • Easy installation by compact design, and powerful wrist supports to transfer large or heavy works.
  • FD11









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