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For sure support in your advanced machining workshop, you can rely on Nachi-Fujikoshi, a long-running world leader in the field of industrial robotics. Accumulated through work on vehicle production lines, successfully meeting the ongoing challenges of ever-advancing industrial production, our focused expertise with automation means you get both the most advanced robots and the confidence that they will go on working reliably.


Supports open architecture
  • A PC-based controller that uses the universal platform WindowsNT Embedded *. Uses the international standard programming language IEC113-3, thus enabling programming of peripheral devices (software PLC). 
Color display
  • The color graphic LCD T/P offers outstanding visibility and easy operation. An electronic manual using an abundance of images
Improved motion capability
  • Improved motion control resulting in a 30% reduction in servo gun short pitch movement time and a 50% improvement in trajectory accuracy compared to our company's conventional controllers.
Numerous convenient functions unique to a PC-based controller
  • Equipped with applications to support increasingly diversified applications. Best match with offline tools for commercial PCs.
Supports international safety standards
  •  Conforms to safety standards for America and Europe. A duplex safety circuit for emergency stop is a standard feature.
  •  * WindowsNT Embedded is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.



<AX20 Features>

While maintaining the performance of the AX10, the following features were added:

More Compact

  • The footprint has been significantly reduced from its predecessor, the AX10. It is also possible to control two robots with the same housing, which cuts space requirements in half.

High Performance

  • Intelligent technology using visual, force and other sensors, plus compatibility with various networks

High Reliability

  • Equipped with new compact, high-reliability drive unit

<AX21 Features>

With an NB/NV series-dedicated controller, the AXC has the equivalent features of the AX20.
Has various arc welding features for compatibility with a full range of welding applications

<AX30 Features>

While maintaining the performance of the AX20, the following features were added:
Compact size, storable underneath a cassette
  • The overall height of 440 mm allows compact and easy storage.
Equipped with application features for glass substrate transfer 
  • Auto-alignment
  • Deflection compensation
  • Mapping
  • Dynamic braking


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