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Hydraulic Equipment

Along with constantly improving performance, industrial machines continue to become increasingly sophisticated. Hydraulic equipment has to meet the challenge of diversifying needs. You may already appreciate the Nachi-Fujikoshi reputation for compact equipment that delivers energy efficiency, safety, and high performance. Our equipment is also constantly refined by our quest for ultimate hydraulics that combine great power with flexible motion control.


  • Provides both direction switching and speed control functions.
  • Controls direction by supplying an input current into one of the two proportional solenoids and controls flow by changing the input current.
  • Remote control and shockless acceleration/deceleration control enables simplification of the hydraulic circuit.




  • High-frequency response equivalent to electric/hydraulic servo valve
  • High-output proportional solenoid directly drives spool.
  • Minor feedback with LVDT (Linear variable differential transformer) enables accurate spool positioning.
  • All ports return to block position when amplifier is turned off or connection is disconnected. (Fail-safe function)






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