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  • I:for spur gear and spline
  • II:for helical gear
  • III:for large module gear





This cutter is used to cut helical gears. The no.of cutter teeth is determined by the helix angle of gear and the helical guide. (When ordering this cutters, please also specify the guide lead)





This type of cutter is used in cutting internal gears or shoulder gears







This type of cutter is used to cut tnternal gears of small diameter and spline holes







  •   Has serrations and shaves the tooth surface with high accuracy and efficiency by engaging with the driving gear.There are four shaving methode :
  • - Conventional shaving
  • - Diagonal Shaving
  • - Underpass Shaving
  • - Ptunge Cut Shaving
 This is the common shaving method and the tooth of gear is very finely finished.
 This method is used in finishing of automobile gears.
 This is used mainly for shaving time produces high quality finishes tooth profile





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